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"...there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun."

~Christopher McCandless

I am a better man for reminding myself of this simple truth each day. Variety is the spice atop my life food, and I strive to keep my plate full.

When I was younger, I wrongly thought you had to pick one thing, and do that one thing well. No. I can do many things, and I can do them all well. When I awaken tomorrow, I can add one to the list of things I do. And the next day.

These are but a few of my life's passions. I'm sure I will add more pages, more pics, more maps, but for this moment, consider this just the appetizer. There's plenty more to come. Oh, and don't expect to find me in a coat and tie very often. They're a little hot in the sun.

Here's a little marginalia on the pages of my life:

The Hickman Professor of Marketing West Texas A&M University (since 1989)
Contact n i c k at d r g e r l i c h dot c o m
8 0 6 . 6 5 1 . 2 4 9 2
Education Phd and MBA in Marketing, Indiana University
BA in Marketing and Economics, Anderson University
Curriculum Vitae CV
Research MediaBuffs.org
Consulting From large to small, national to local, for-profit to non-profit...over 50 clients served. Specialties: market research, survey design, data analysis, and social media.
Expertises Social Media, E-commerce, distance learning, emerging media
Teaching subjects Evolutionary Marketing, Market Research, Principles of Marketing, and MBA Seminar in Marketing
Route 66 Historian, Lecturer, Guide, Photographer
Cycling Racer, Tourist, Event Management
Breaking Bad Confessed Baddict, Tour Guide, Photographer
Photography Landscapes, highways, abandoned buildings

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home route 66 breaking bad cycling triple d photos
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