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Route 66

My Dad and two of his buddies took the ultimate bachelor road trip back in the summer of '55. They loaded up his new '55 Bel Air, and rolled out of Chicago on Route 66. Westbound and down. LA, here they came!

I have listened intently all of my life to my Dad telling stories of that trip. He has no idea how his trip, a hard-driving, two-week jaunt to the west coast, would influence me over 55 years later.

If anything, this is how I have connected with my Dad. Call it male bonding if you will, but my passions today for Route 66 are grounded in him. And every time I go out to explore the Mother Road, I see him. Hear him. Feel his presence.

Sorry. I got a little mushy there.

I head out on 66 every chance I get. Living near the epicenter of it all makes it quite simple. My only decisions si whether to go east or west.

And in the process, I have made many dear friends. I go on 66 safari solo, with friends, with small groups, and even large groups. I am now experienced as leader (hosting cycling events for over 25 years certainly helped!), but also function as historian, lecturer and photographer.

Oh, and creator of good times. No adventure on 66 is complete without dining at a rustic old cafe. Bedding down at a vintage motel makes it even better.

Need someone to show you the way on 66? Contact me. I am always up for another adventure. And in the mean time, I'll be working on a couple of book projects.

  • Have fun with my 66 Icons interactive map. Each pin has info and a picture. This is a work-in-progress, with many more pins (and pics) to come.
  • Enjoy the Genuine 66 Life video about me that KC Keefer produced!


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home route 66 breaking bad cycling triple d photos
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