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Breaking Bad

I may have been late to the party, but I quickly caught up.

My insanity started September 2012 when I made a solo pilgrimmage to ABQ. I simply had to see where this incredible show was filmed. Perhaps unintentionally, ABQ had become the central character of the show. Maybe it's the azure skies and puffy white clouds. Maybe its the palette of earth tones, desertscape and sweeping vistas. Maybe it's the variety of architecture and people, a mash up of histories and cultures.

But more importantly, maybe it was the fact that ABQ is just so accessible. Anyone can do this. In fact, every time I make my way west, I feel like I have stumbled onto the set for the show. You see, ABQ is the show. And for all the actors' incredible characterizations, compelling performances and embodiment of a story arc swirling downward, the city rose from the ashes of Walt's tailspin.

Much like the mythical Mayberry, ABQ will forever be the home of Breaking Bad. People like me will continue to visit, to track down obscure filming sites, to try to experience what creator Vince Gilligan wove into the tapestry of the show.

And I suspect that fans will see Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Hank and the gang wherever they go, long after the show ends its dramatic 62-episode run. It's good to be bad.

Take note:

  • Take our Breaking Bad survey! My colleague Lori Westermann and I are conducting a comprehensive survey of Breaking Bad viewers (as well as those who do not watch the show). Take the survey here.
  • Join me in ABQ on Saturday 19th Oct for a motor tour of BrBa sites. Conact me for more info.
  • Enjoy my interactive map below. Each pin has info and a pic of a familiar BrBa site. I'll keep adding to the map as I take more pics.


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home route 66 breaking bad cycling triple d photos
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